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The SeparAide

The SeparAide, the slow-cooker strainer we all need!

The SeparAide, the first and only patented slow cooker strainer, solves the longstanding issue of straining and moving your food from the slow cooker to the table. The FDA-approved reusable lightweight SeparAide allows you to lift your slow cooker contents, without using oven mitts or hot pads. No longer do you need to “fish” for your delicious meals in the bottom of the stoneware, the SeparAide catches all the food. All you need to do is lift, strain, and transfer your meals to your favorite serving dish. After cooking, throw the SeparAide in your dishwasher so it’s ready for the next time; clean-up made simple!

SeparAide Advantages

FDA-approved food-grade silicone


Easily strains slow cooker contents...no more fishing for your food!

Eliminates the need for hot pads to remove contents

Dishwasher safe

Works with slow-cooker liners

Fits 5,6, & 7 quart oval slow cookers...likely the size in your kitchen now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Used for first time yesterday! Works great & clean up is easy also. Had a whole chicken in slow cooker & bones usually end up in broth-not this time! Broth drained into cooker to make noodles & chicken (& bones!) stayed in Separaide! Highly recommend

Perfect for Crockpot Cooking

Wonderful product. Quality material that holds form, does well in the dishwasher, and does not stain. Highly recommend.

Sue Terrell
Awesome product!!

This product works exactly as described. I love that it is easily to clean and dishwasher safe. I have already used my separAide twice! Highly recommend for all you slow cooker/crock pot users!!!